Using Live Video To Grow Your Audience! Part 4

How to Promote Your Products without Selling When you live stream, you’re not just doing it for your viewers. You want to sell your products, too. But if you’re spammy or unethical, you could end up coming across as one of those infomercial scams. This could in turn damage your brand, making it even harder…

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Using Live Video To Grow Your Audience! Part 3

Using live video

Get Viewers to Interact with Your Livestream You can live stream a wonderful video filled with nuggets of information that your community will find valuable. But if no one knows the video exists, then it doesn’t matter how valuable the content was. The key to getting seen on live streaming platforms is to have viewers…

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Using Live Video To Grow Your Audience! Part 2

using live video

Getting Ready to StreamNow that you’re familiar with your live streaming options, you may be tempted to turn on your phone or webcam and start recording. But don’t make this mistake or you might regret. It’s better to take some time and prepare your environment before you begin streaming. The right environment can make a difference…

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Using Live Video To Grow Your Audience! Part 1

digital camera

Today I’m publishing Part 1 of a series of articles on leveraging the power of Live Video to grow your audience and sell your products. Live streaming lets you broadcast a video in real-time to viewers. It can be useful if you want to capture important events as they happen and share them with your…

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Graphics – Where Do I Get Them?

I have quiet often been asked where I get my Graphics from so I thought it might be good idea to make a post on it. Over the years I have bought several pieces of Software from an Internet Marketer called Noel Cunningham. Noel has been Marketing online for several years and he has published…

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Update on this product This product is no longer on the market. As the Internet and Youtube evolve so quickly, the information it the Youtube Traffic Blueprint was no longer relevant for todays market.I am planning to publish a new and up to date version as soon as time allows. Very excited to tell you…

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The First Aspect of Video Marketing – Part 3

The Culminating Stage All that planning and preparation will take you to this: the actual production. You’re nearly halfway through the video marketing process, but the day of the shoot is when everything you’ve conceptualized will finally materialize. Production entails filming, first and foremost. With your storyboard, shot and production schedule on hand, you have…

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The First Aspect of Video Marketing Part 2

  Preparation is Key Once you have a plan and a particular objective for your video, you need to carry on the creative phase of the process. Pre-production, the second aspect of video marketing is considered the preparation phase. What happens before the actual filming of the video is vital to the overall success of…

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Why Short Videos Are Better – Final Part

Welcome to my final post in the Why Short Videos Are Better series of posts. I hope you have enjoyed these posts and learned a lot about how you can use short videos to boost your business and improve your video marketing results. In this final post, I am going to talk about how to…

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Why Short Videos Are Better – Part 3

video camera

Welcome back to this series of five posts on why short videos are better.  We are nearing the end of this short series, but I still need to go over a few things that will help you learn how to incorporate short or if you prefer, micro videos into your own business. Today, I thought…

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