Why Short Videos Are Better – Part 3

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Welcome back to this series of five posts on why short videos are better.  We are nearing the end of this short series, but I still need to go over a few things that will help you learn how to incorporate short or if you prefer, micro videos into your own business.

Today, I thought we would get into some of the more technical aspects of marketing with videos, so we are going to show you some of the tools you’ll need to create a killer micro video campaign.

There are a lot of different programs and sources out there that say you need industry level cameras, sound equipment, and a top of the line Mac with all kinds of editing software to make real marketing videos. When in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have a computer, smartphone, iPad, tablet etc. you can start making videos right away. If you want to make tutorials or show your viewers how to do something on your computer, all you need is a screen-recording program get started making truly impactful videos almost immediately. You don’t have to invest in a bunch of pricey equipment to get started.

Tip:  Perfect micro videos aren’t a must, in fact they may even have the reverse effect and tank your credibility, but we’ll talk about that later.

As long as the device you are using has the ability to load some type of video editing software like Windows MovieMaker or iMovie which are preinstalled on PC’s and Mac’s. You can also use programs like Camtasia, Sony Vegas Movie Studio and Video Maker FX, which can be purchased online.

Of course there are many more and the one you use really depends on your personal preferences. I have complied a short list of some of the most popular one’s for you below. You can also find other software by performing a quick search online for “screen capture or video editing software”.

The important thing is that you’re comfortable using the tools you choose, then you will have no problem creating your own videos. Just keep in mind that there is a bit of a learning curve and it will be a little time consuming especially in the beginning.

If you aren’t planning to step in front of the camera you will also need some type of screen capture software like I mentioned above or presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote, that makes it easy to create a slideshow style videos.
You will also need a good microphone, while the one that is built into your computer will work in the beginning, you may want to invest in an external mic or headset, so that you can produce videos with high quality sound.

TIP:  When recording the audio, speak slowly and clearly and make sure there is no back ground noise. Nothing is more distracting than background noise.

The most important part of making your own micro videos is creating killer content. For this part, you should take your time, put together a powerful script, and then map out the video ahead of time. That way when it comes time to start recording you’ll be ready.

Now, here is that quick list of some tools I mentioned earlier:

TechSmith’s Snagit – A powerful screen capture tool that will grab any image or video showing on your computer screen, add effects and then share with anyone:

Screencast-O-Matic – A free online screen capture tool for recording screenshots and sharing them with friends or colleagues for a number of different purpose. It works great however, it does a few drawbacks like their logo showing in your video and you can only access one video at a time. They do have a paid version with fewer restrictions:

Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio – Creates videos or slideshows and let you upload them directly to the popular video sites such as YouTube. It has a streamlined workflow, powerful editing tools, and a vast array of features that makes it even easier to make your micro videos spectacular and it is very affordable too:

VideoMakerFX – is a very nice piece of software created by marketers for marketers, it has some great features, and it’s easy to use too:

– Audio Tools (Because great sound matters)

Sony Sound Forge – Allows you to record and edit audio and save it in different file formats. It includes a powerful set of audio processes and tools for great effects:

Audacity – Allows you to record and convert audio files into a variety of different formats, with a full set of tools for editing and adding effects:

That’s it for today’s post. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my next and final post. There will
be some great stuff in my last post in this series.

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