Using Live Video To Grow Your Audience! Part 3

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Using live video

Get Viewers to Interact with Your Livestream

You can live stream a wonderful video filled with nuggets of information that your community will find valuable. But if no one knows the video exists, then it doesn’t matter how valuable the content was.

The key to getting seen on live streaming platforms is to have viewers interact with you. The more engagement you’re driving through comments, shares, and likes will cause you to rank higher on the website you’re broadcasting from. The higher your video ranks, the more likely it is that users who have never heard of your brand are going to discover you.

So, how do you get viewers to interact with your livestream? There are many ways to get your community to participate in your broadcast. Start by trying one of these ideas…

Greet your viewers.   Imagine going to a party where you’re totally ignored. No one greets you, not even the host.

If you’re like most people, you’d find this upsetting and you may even decide to leave the party. This is how viewers feel when they click on your stream without being acknowledged.

You don’t have to give them a long, formal greeting. You can do something simple like, “Hello, Simon, welcome to my live stream! Today, we’re talking about…”

Ask questions.  If you’ve ever had a boss or friend that could only talk about their life, you know how annoying that can be. You were hoping for a conversation but the other person couldn’t be bothered to ask you about your day or listen to your response.

Don’t do this to your community! After you’ve been talking for a few minutes on your stream, ask a question then pause. Give your viewers time to respond in the comments section.

You may even want to read a few of the comments out loud and respond to them. Don’t worry if you can’t respond to every single comment. Even just conversing once or twice shows you care.

Host a contest for shares.  Another way to boost the visibility of your live stream is to get your viewers to share it with their friends. Many brands offer a prize to users in exchange for sharing what they’re watching on their favorite social media network.

Your prize doesn’t have to be big. It could be something simple like a pair of sunglasses, a $5 Amazon gift card, or a copy of your favorite book.

Invite your viewers to post.  You could also encourage participation by asking your viewers to post something personal in the comments section. For example, if you’re in the pet industry, tell your viewers to share a picture of their fur-baby in the comments.

Choose what you ask your audience to share strategically. If you’re in the parenting industry and ask your viewers to share their favorite picture of their child, they may not do so for safety reasons.

Thank your visitors. When the live stream is winding down, stay for an extra few minutes and thank your visitors. Plan to linger for around ten minutes so you can answer additional questions or express your gratitude for the support you’ve received.

Schedule Your Live Streams

One of the best things you can do to grow your live streams is to do them regularly. When you regularly broadcast videos at the same time each week, your followers are more likely to tune in and watch. If you’re not sure how to turn your livestreams into a regular show, try using some of these tips…

Host a guest each week.   Pick guests that your audience will find interesting or informative. Look for people who have something they can teach your audience. For example, if your brand is geared toward pet parents then interview an animal behavior specialist.

Ask your guest a few questions you’ve prepared then open up the floor. Let your viewers ask questions in the comments and have your guest respond with their answers.

Share weekly tips.  Not all of your broadcasts have to be super long or complicated to set up. You can do a weekly show that teaches your viewers one tip to make their lives or businesses better.

For example, if your brand is all about raising children then have a weekly tip for parenting toddlers. Give viewers sound advice they can apply to their own toddlers so they can see results.

Do a challenge each week.  Challenges are fun and encourage healthy competition. What your weekly challenge is all about should be based on your niche.

For example, if your brand is all about fitness, then you can do a weekly fitness boot-camp challenge.Encourage your viewers to get up and do the exercises with you.

Create a weekly format.  Some shows work best when they follow the same formula each week. There’s an HGTV show where home buyers are presented with three different houses they could buy. The viewers see each home and watch as the buyers debate the pros and cons.

At the end of the episode, the house that was chose is revealed. There’s usually a follow-up interview with the buyers as they share what it’s like to be settled into their new house.

You can create a similar formula for your broadcasts. You can interview three different guests, experiment with three products, or provide three insider tips that your viewers don’t know about. Once you find a formula that works, stick with it and watch as your engagement soars.

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