Using Live Video To Grow Your Audience! Part 4

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How to Promote Your Products without Selling

When you live stream, you’re not just doing it for your viewers. You want to sell your products, too. But if you’re spammy or unethical, you could end up coming across as one of those infomercial scams. This could in turn damage your brand, making it even harder for you to sell your product.

But there are ways to sell your product on your broadcast without giving up your ethics or resorting to high pressure, hard-sell tactics. Here’s what to do…

Focus on educating your viewers. Think of what someone new to your niche might need or want to know. For example, if you run a software company that specializes in social media scheduler, then you could do a live stream on how to create a social media strategy.

Toward the end of your video, mention how social media schedulers make it so much easier to plan your strategy. Then share that your software also comes with analytics and why it’s important that business owners have access to this type of data.

Your goal here isn’t to sell the customer immediately. You just want them aware of your service so they know it’s an option.

Offer a mini version of your product. Give your viewers a taste of your product by turning one of your broadcasts into a free sample. For example, if you sell a video course on training your puppy at home, then do a training session in your local park.

Broadcast this session to your favorite websites and social media platforms. Let your viewers see you in action. At the end of your video, invite your viewers to learn more by visiting your website.

Use tutorials to boost your product. Some products require a learning curve before customers know how to use them. This is where your live stream can come in handy. All you have to do is create a broadcast showing how the item is used.

If your business sells beauty products, then create a contouring tutorial. Show your viewers how to make their makeup look flawless while hiding blemishes and other skin problems. As you’re working, your viewers will be asking questions and might be curious to know what products you’re using. Be prepared with an answer and a link back to your site ready-to-go.

Create a Q & A session with your broadcast.If you’re selling a product or service that has many moving parts or is complex, you probably have more than a few people stuck in the pre-buying phase. They want your product. They think it’d be a good fit. But they’re just not sure. They typically have questions but might be too shy or too busy to reach out.

The good news is that you can reach these people by having a Q & A session on your broadcast. You can invite your subscribers to submit questions before the broadcast and during it. You don’t have to push your products during the live stream. But do have links ready in case a potential customer asks for one.

Use a Call-to-Action in Your Live Stream

At the end of every piece of content you create, you want to use a call-to action. It’s no different with a live stream. You still want a call-to-action that encourages your viewers to do something after consuming your content. Here are a few CTAs you might want to consider adding to the end of your next broadcast…

Download (freebie) now. If the goal of your broadcast was to encourage visitors and viewers to become subscribers, then this is the CTA you want. Ideally, you’ll use this call when you have a relevant content upgrade that would be useful for your viewers.

For example, if your live stream was about organizing your home, then having an organization checklist or printable planner would be valuable to your audience.

Get a free (quote). If you offer services that depend on your clients’ needs, then give them a chance to get a quote from you. Remind your viewers that this is “risk-free” and their information will be kept confidential.

Follow (brand) today. If your goal for this live stream was to grow your platform, then ask your viewers to follow you on social media. But don’t try to get them to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest all at once. That’s too much information and might overwhelm your audience.

Instead, pick one social network and ask them to follow you there. Try to pick the social network that’s most popular in your niche and focus on driving your traffic there.

Book a discovery call instantly. Use 15-minute discovery calls to help clients determine if you’ll work well together. Invite them to book a call then provide a link to a booking service like Calendly.

Start your free trial.This call-to-action encourages viewers further into your sales funnel and gives them the chance to explore your offer. Be sure to remind your customers that “no credit card is required”.

If possible, you want to mention the limit of your free trial. You might say, “Start your free 7-day trial today.” The point of mentioning the seven days is that it adds urgency. Your viewers hear 7-days and think they need to act now to secure the deal.

Create an account. Another option is to invite users to create an account on your website. Let them know they can sign up for free and explore your website before they commit to a purchase.

When you’re brainstorming your CTA, remember to focus on the goal of your live stream and design it around that. Not every broadcast is about selling to your audience. Some days, you may focus on getting potential customers into your sales funnel or growing your social media presence.

Most importantly, don’t forget to use analytics. When you’re making live streams, it’s easy to get distracted and forget about your stats. But you should stop and examine them at least once a month. Look at which of your streams are most popular, which ones received the most comments, and how many of them converted into product sales.

When you study your analytics, you may discover new insights. For example, you might find that your most popular live streams are at eight in the evening. This can help you plan your next stream to maximize viewer potential.

Happy Streaming!


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