Working From Home as a Digital Nomad – Part 2.

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Today’s post is the second in a series of post I’m doing on being a Digital Nomad and the pros and cons of working at home.

Ways You Are Losing Customers on Facebook.

Are you using Facebook to promote your online business? Most people do, and they see great success from it. But even the best internet marketers may not be using Facebook to its full potential.

In this chapter, we’re going to discuss four of the ways that you are losing customers on Facebook if you aren’t taking advantage of those features.

1: Putting the image of a clickable button on your cover photo and changing your description to provide a link to your opt-in page is one of the best little-known ways to use Facebook to gather leads.

It isn’t as effective as the more popular ways of using Facebook, but there is no reason not to use it and every reason to start, because it will bring in a few leads.

2: One of the most underused features of the Facebook business page is the CTA (call-to-action) feature that Facebook provides. Facebook allows – and even encourages – companies with a Facebook page to send traffic directly to their website from Facebook or to call them on the phone. But most people don’t use it. In fact, most people probably don’t even know it exists.

3: The “About” section of your Facebook page is where people go when they want to find out more about your company. It is a great place to put a link to your website or your opt-in page. Even though people don’t go to that section very often, it is silly not to direct them to a place where you can convert them when they do.

They are already primed to know more about your company, which means the best place that you can send them would be to your own website. They can look at your products, join your email list and satisfy their curiosity all in one shot.

4: The “story” section of your page is another place that is often skipped over by businesses. But you definitely want to tell your story to customers.

They want to know more about you, and this is a great opportunity to turn Facebook fans and casual visitors into buying customers that will remain loyal.

Plus, if you put a link in your story section, then it will become clickable and you can direct them to your opt-in page, your regular website, your products page or wherever you want them to go.

Making Money In a Small Niche With a Simple Business Model

When it comes to earning money online as a marketer, most people go wrong in exactly the same place. That crucial error? Their ambition.

Unfortunately, too much ambition is very commonly the downfall of many online businesses and marketers which essentially causes them to bite off more than they can chew and then give up too easily. Instead of aiming to become rich or change the world, it makes much more sense to start off small.

Aim to accomplish something small first and then build on each success to eventually reach the top. So, what might this look like?

The Small Niche Business Model is a blog owned by internet marketer Pat Flynn which shares his methods for earning money. One of his most successful recent ventures was a website aimed at food trucks.

This is a very small niche that made it easy for him to find routes to market (ways to communicate with the target demographic).

Compare this with creating a website in the ‘fitness’ niche and you can imagine how much easier it is to get noticed and to reach the right audience.

From here, Pat began making money from selling an eBook aimed at those food trucks that would help them make more money and apply smart business skills.

THIS is the exact same business model that first-time internet marketers should be using. You might decide to choose a different niche (sticking with a career is often a good choice though) and you may decide you’d rather sell an affiliate item. The general model though is almost flawless for the inexperienced marketer.

Why This Works

So, what’s so good about this business model?

For starters, choosing a small niche to operate in means that you’ll be able to much more easily get noticed. If you choose to go the PPC route for instance, you’ll pay far less for advertising in this niche as compared with the amount you’d pay for a bodybuilding or dating related keyword.

At the same time, this helps you to come up with a very clear value proposition and offering. Ideally, your product should set out to solve a very specific problem for a very specific group of people.

This will make it much easier to market that product, to promote it and to encourage people to consider buying.

Do keep a lookout for part 3 of this series of posts which will be posted in a few days time.

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