Affiliate Marketing – What It Means To You! Part 2

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An Affiliate Program – What Is It?

There are a lot more that we haven’t discussed yet, but these are basically some of the most popular types of digital products out there nowadays. So, with this question answered and out of the way, how about we answer the following, aka what is an affiliate program.

Here is a great example of an Affiliate Program. This is an Affiliate Link to my Hosting Company – D9 Hosting.  I have been with D9  Hosting since 2013 and their Support Desk is the absolute best. This is important if you are doing any kind of Marketing online. When you need answers you need them quickly and that is where D9 Hosting excel. Have no hesitation in recommending D9 Hosting to everybody.

So, basically, the term “affiliate program” refers to the package that you personally made up for the purpose of selling your product in the first place through other people’s traffic (affiliates or distributors) . So, let’s take this into consideration. You get on the Clickbank platform, you start uploading your affiliate program (course, banners, email swipes) and sooner than later you start making revenue off of it. What do you call the videos that you upload?

They’re digital products that you’re made yourself and manufactured to the world. But what did you use to manufacture your product in the first place, what did you use to actually manage to sell that product around, what medium was that?  Clickbank, of course. So, in this scenario, Clickbank is the network because it is not a product itself but more so the channel that you used to share your work in the first place. This concept can work for most any medium out there but you get the basic gist of it all.

An affiliate program is basically the marketing tool that you use to sell your digital product in the first place. Now, how can you actually make money through digital products as an affiliate? Most of the time the answer is the same, aka advertisers. You drive traffic, sales are made, advertisers or vendors pay you. There are other type of affiliate marketing forms like to, like sponsors.

Sponsors for example keep YouTube on the top of the food chain and that’s a fact. You can get ads pretty easily on your videos, all you really need is to respect the terms of service and get more than a couple of thousand views and voila. If you manage to get yourself a large enough pool of  viewers then you will be able to get yourself sponsors too in no time though so if you’re doing your job well, keeping thousands satisfied while also respecting the terms of service you’ll be able to make money immediately.

But YouTube is not the only medium that you can use to make money through ads, and that’s a fact. Blogs for example follow the exact same logic as YouTube does, although they can be a little more on the nose when it comes to them. Now, if you’re any bit informed of the affiliate marketing industry then you most likely already heard the term performance marketing being flung around everywhere.

So, you’re probably wondering what that is and how it generally differs from normal affiliated marketing. So, to put it bluntly, the term performance marketing basically simply refers to there being different incomes depending on the popularity of the ad itself. So, if a person clicks on ads around 5 times while browsing the page, it is pretty clear that the person that set up the websites and the ads will get more revenue out of it.

Anyway, the most common type of affiliate marketing for digital products is getting paid per sale. Your important role as an affiliate is to DRIVE TARGETED TRAFFIC TO AN OFFER TO MAKE SALES  and for that you can use paid traffic (Google Ads, Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, Shoutouts, etc.) or FREE Traffic, which is what we are going to FOCUS ON!

Affiliate Marketing & The Best Free Traffic Sources

Alright, so with that part out of the way how about we delve a bit deeper into the affiliated marketing spectrum and subsequently go for the more notable parts that make it tick, aka free traffic sources. These are incredibly useful and well established parts of the affiliated marketing industry and the more time passes the more important and profitable they get. So, let’s start this off with a no-brainer, aka blogging in general.

Blogging is extremely well rewarding, it is not all that hard to do and of course, it is 100% free. All that you really need in order to get money by  using this medium is to simply be topical and tackle some important and controversial issues by literally choosing your own style.

You can either be extremely opinioned and try your hardest to get your train of thoughts around to the point where it is unquestionable which side of the argument you’re going for, or you can simply take the middle road and make sure that no matter what happens at any point in time you never showcase any sort of preference because the moment you do you can lose a ton of clicks.

You need to make the ads topical on this matter unless you want to end up with extremely weird ads that have nothing to do with what you’re writing about and subsequently lose a whole bunch of readers by doing so. A lot of people tend to forget this and would settle for anything, but you do have to admit it that an article talking about the beauty of the world shouldn’t have ads advertising something like buying a brand new motorcycle that only destroys some of its environment by simply driving it around.

Yes, we mentioned YouTube before, but we cannot talk about free traffic sources without mentioning the behemoth that is YouTube. You make a video, you edit it and upload it for others to enjoy and afterwards you end up making more money than you can waste if you make a decent name for yourself on the platform. If we were to offer you a quick tip when it comes to this then here it is: stay out of controversial topics.

Sure, they sound like easy ways to attract more viewers and such, but a strong controversial topic will always require you to choose a side, and if you don’t then you will be categorized as someone that always walks on the fence, which is not what you want to be known as in the slightest.  To top that off, if you do actually end up tackling serious topics every day you will start to be characterized as such and the moment that you choose the wrong side you will be dismissed and abandoned very easily.

Be smart, stay out of the controversies. Quora can also become one of the best free traffic sources since it actually doesn’t really need all that much to master and make a decent amount of money out of. If you do actually believe that you’ve got what it takes to attract a ton of attention my simply implying a controversial statement/asking a controversial question then you’ve got what it takes to make money off of Quora.

Do keep in mind that always being truthful on this website will not always result in you making the most money off of it, which is why it’s best to keep your topics in the realm of possibility while also going as far as you can to make it interesting and unique. Don’t just go for something like “today I was attacked by a 12 year old with a moustache that really didn’t like the fact that I bought the last Cheerios from the shelf so we duked it out and I eventually ended up pulling out my katana and silencing his penitent soul once and for all.

Was I in the wrong?”  Nobody will believe you on that so you need to be a lot more discreet instead. So, how about something like this: “I’ve been living off the streets after my parents abandoned me for coming out to them. It’s been three years of scraping off of whatever I could find but I finally managed to dig myself out of the hole. I am planning on asking out my lover to marry me but I am scared and excited at the same time.

Can you suggest me an affordable way to propose without embarrassing myself too much?” There are definitely a few red flags that some people will take into consideration before replying to that but it’s just way too enticing to not do it. As long as you keep your post in the realm of possibility there will always be people that will be replying to you which equal instant monetary gain.

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