Affiliate Marketing – What It Means To You! Part 3

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Traffic And How To Get It For Your Website

Now that that’s out of the way we should focus on how to get you to gain more traffic and subsequently get more money too. Let’s say for example that you just made a blog post but nobody’s clicking on it.

That’s because you don’t have enough coverage and your range is not big enough or strong enough to pull people in. Now, there are multiple ways to dealing with something like this.

Take for example the most basic and common one you’ll find nowadays, aka the “share and pray” tactic. What this basically implies is that you share your post everywhere; you talk more and more about everything regarding the topic at hand in order to make people click on it.

You spend hours upon  hours to just keep on doing it over and over again. You do it well and you make a name for yourself, but the problem is that you are most definitely not going to make a lot of friends by doing this.

Not everybody enjoys having their timeline spammed with links and a lot of people will even report you for being a bot which can actually result in a ban from the platform.

To top it all off the amount of people that will actually click on your link is very small, again, because not a lot of people online tend to click every link they see, especially if you use a sort of a copy-pasta in order to get your post on as many platforms as possible.

And of course, one click won’t do you much if people disagree completely with your statement and decide to never click on your links again.

So, is this tactic useful? It can be. Have people made it using only this tactic? Most likely. Do you have a high chance of actually making it by applying it?

Nope. In fact, your chances are actually diminishing every single day you post that on and people will even start considering you to be part of an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing scheme) aka a scam.

You need to avoid this at any cost whatsoever because once you’re categorized as an MLM you’re done for.

That’s rock bottom right there and it’s the worst place you can be in as a blog writer. Another, way more useful way of making a name for yourself and your blog is by exploring certain niche industries and tackling them straight on.

This does require quite a bit of research on your part though, but alas, if you do your homework right then it literally won’t matter in the slightest if you actually believe in anything you write anymore.

Remember, you don’t want to anger people, but at the same time you do want to raffle them up just enough to get them to click. If you
want to see the difference between the two then look at something like the Wall Street Journal, a multimillion dollar company that specializes in news based articles.

They were doing just fine, making as much money as possible until of course they decided to tackle on the most controversial topic of them all, aka YouTube. Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but you do need to keep in mind that they took the wrong stance in the matter which resulted in a lot of backlash.

What they basically did, if you’re not familiar with the story at hand, is they proceeded to attack YouTube and of course, attack the number 1 most subscribed YouTuber on the platform.

They not only spread a lot of hate around to make them seem like the true villains of the story, but they completely got a whole lot of their information wrong which made it very easy for YouTube and its number 1 YouTuber to retaliate.

Because of this The Wall Street Journal faced a huge backlash, it lost a whole bunch of dedicated readers, it lost its credibility and before they knew it people were boycotting them like crazy. That’s why you must never go and take the wrong stance in a controversial issue.

You need to state the facts, even if the title of the blog is a bit morecontroversial than you’d want it to be. So, just to emphasize the matter once and for all, you need to keep your blog topical, maybe even dip your toe in a recent controversy but you must never jump full on in the matter and start taking sides.

You need to get the clicks going, not the reactions. If you do end up angering the fans then where will that take you? Exactly.

With YouTube out of the way we can now focus on a different yet similar platform known as Instagram. You most likely already know about it by now, what it entails and most certainly why it is such a big part of our world nowadays.

But let’s be honest now, making a name out of it can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the right tools for it, which is where we come in.

How Social Media Can Make Money For You!

So, if you just started up and you wish to become an influencer on the platform then you need to make a plan first and foremost. The first step of this plan is to figure out your strong suit and of course, enhance upon it.

You need to become the best version of yourself for the people to see and look up to, so you cannot use your time in the spotlight complaining about your life and screaming about a lack of attention online.

No, instead of that what you do need to do is you need to find your best qualities and make those be the spotlight. Perhaps you’re very fit, make that your focus, maybe you’re really good at singing, make that stand out, what if your comedy is stellar?

Then make sure that everyone knows it by always having something funny to say. The recipe for success on Instagram begins right here, right now, and now that you’ve got the first step out of the way what you need to do next is going to come off as pretty natural to you.

You need to use all of the hashtags you can. Just make sure that you plaster those over every single one of your posts and you’ll be sure to generate more attention this way.

But you shouldn’t just cram those up in there because it is also extremely important to add a description too for your already preexisting fans. You can give shout-outs if you want, you can ask them topical questions; add inspirational quotes, literally anything really.

As long as you’re engaging with your audience and you create a personal relationship with them your popularity will boom in no time. Instagram can be quite tricky but as long as you’re doing your thing and you do it right you will eventually get the sponsors you really need, and that’s a fact.

Reddit on the other hand is way trickier to get a hold of. If you’re looking to make a profit out of Reddit then you will need to be a lot more creative and resourceful than you’ve got to be for an alternative such as Instagram.

The reason behind this is the fact that Reddit is a lot keener on discovering discrepancies in your narrative than most any other platform out there so simply being resourceful and making your own little fictional story won’t work on here 9/10 times.

With that being said, there are plenty of other ways to make money off of it, and they all require you to find the perfect niche subreddit for you to shine through. Take for example something like r/mildlyinteresting for example. It sounds pretty straight forward but you cannot just post a random interesting picture and pray that no one else has posted that before.

You will need to take into consideration two main factors, aka luck and research.

The two go hand in hand on the platform, and while luck can actually get you on the front page regardless of how much research you’ve done yourself, regardless of how much research you do, if you’re not lucky enough then you will never get more than 3 upvotes and a participation prize.

But alas, if you’d look at the top posts in any subreddit you can literally immediately see the fact that it is both topical and that a ton of effort definitely went into making it there. Take another subreddit, something like r/funny, and see the difference in content right away.

What this is meant to tell you is that every subreddit needs its own research done right before posting because let’s be honest here, something that made it on the top of the list in r/funny will not work on another different subreddit such as r/mildlyinteresting.

So again, you need to make it topical, you need to be interesting, you need to appeal to the niche crowd of people there that already have a ton of premade topical jokes that make constant references to their group and such and of course, you need the number one skill that anyone that has gotten on the front page has, aka luck.

If you’ve got luck on your hand then every other aspect of it all is basically meaningless, it’s nothing more than useless and that’s a fact, although they can help you luck is what you need before anything else. There have been posts that have made it to the front page on separate subreddits and guess what, they didn’t have any effort or thought put into them.

That’s what luck does, and that’s definitely what you’ll need too in order to get on the front page.

So, now you’re probably wondering how exactly Reddit works and how you can make a money off of it. What we can tell you immediately is that it’s not the same as with other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, quite the opposite actually. On Facebook you use ads in order to get money, which is similar to YouTube obviously.

You can either select the ads yourself or just automatize the whole process and get random ads there.

On the other hand Instagram works through sponsors. These sponsors are most likely brands that wish to advertise their products through online influencers. They basically are paying people to wear their clothes and take pictures with their makeup kits and so on and so forth which is pretty straight forward and easy to use.

As far as payment options honestly Instagram has one of the most straightforward options out there.

When it comes to Reddit though, things are nowhere near as easy to discern. There are two ways of getting paid through Reddit. The first one has a similar mechanic with Instagram, as in it still does work through sponsors, but the sponsors are all other users so it’s a bit more complicated than before.

This means you need to personally impress certain people that are willing to give you money for no real reason whatsoever.

This is where you need to showcase your creativity the most and where you need to do the most research in. Most of the posts on any subreddit out there all have something in common. They are interesting, topical, and of course, they are eye catching enough to warrant a reward. The second way to make money off of Reddit is actually not that hard all in all.

Literally all that you need to do is you need to follow the Instagram way of doing things and you need to just get brand sponsors.

For this to come to fruition you will need to do a lot of work on your own and even go through the hassle of making your own subreddit then advertising it, but alas, the results are what really matters in here and if you’re doing a good job you shouldn’t have a problem making money through Reddit unless you’re just looking to casually browse around funny jokes every now and then.

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