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Judging from the emails and messages I receive it is obvious that a lot of you are keen to get into Affiliate Marketing but not quiet sure where to start your journey. So that gave me an idea for some posts. This is the first of a 4 part series on Affiliate Marketing. Hope you enjoy it and get some value from them.

Making money is always the goal of most any adult in this world.  Whether you’re on the bottom of the spectrum trying to get yourself the pure essentials needed to survive or if you’re at the top of the food chain enjoying caviar on your private yacht with your good old pal Bill Gates you will always still have that voice in your head that keeps on demanding that you make more money.

Most people would assume that after getting enough money the craze stops when it fact it just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. The more money you have, the more money you want, it’s really that simple.

It’s like we, humans, are hardwired to always crave for more money, but the fact of the matter is that making money is not the  easiest thing to do either.

Sure, you can take the easy way around and just jump on the first job that you can get your hands on, but most of those options tend to be extremely nerve wrecking and they do tend to leave marks on your body that will last a lifetime. So, what other option do you have?

What can you do in order to get your hands on the green stuff without actually having to do all that much work? Well, the answer is quite clear actually. All you really need to do is you need to get into the affiliate marketing business.

How can you do it, what are the many different advantages that come from it and how can you make a living out of it? Well the answers are all just a few pages away from you.

So, before we get into the knit and gritty behind the whole ordeal, what we do need to do is we need to explain exactly what affiliate marketing and then we can keep on building to make sure that you know every step along the way to becoming a professional in this line of work.

As you may have heard already, a house built without a solid foundation will crumble within minutes, but with a properly developed foundation that house will last you through a hundred winters.


 A Digital Product – What Is It?

Alright, so first and foremost you’ll want a simple and clear definition that can relay all that a digital product entails.

So, here it is: To put it bluntly, digital products are basically any goods stored on the internet. This can basically mean anything, ranging from online apps to online courses, to online e-books and even online websites as a whole.

Literally any product that is stored, delivered and used in its digital version is known as a digital product. So, you might have some questions right about now, which is totally fine, because we’re here to answer all of them one by one.

So, one of the first questions that you are most likely asking yourself right  about now is what is the real difference between a digital product and a physical product and can certain items be both.

To answer the first part of that question we literally just have to state that the main difference between them is simply put in where they are stored, delivered and used.

If it is a physical object that you purchase then it’s a physical product but if it’s something like an electronic book then that’s obviously a digital product.

To answer the second part of your question, there is a huge difference between the two, which again, tends to be pretty obvious.

Basically, a product cannot be both physical and digital at the same time.

Why?  Because you cannot purchase a product that can strictly be used online and just randomly start using it in real life on the physical plane.

Sure, you can purchase physical products online and have them shipped at your place but just because a product is bought through digital means that doesn’t mean that the product is a digital one in nature.

It simply means that you needed to use the digital platform to get a physical product to be sent over to you.

So, right about now you’re probably wondering about what other types of digital products they are, so here’s a pretty self-explanatory list:


Articles are one of the most obvious choices when it comes to products. The content is only available online and it basically only works as a digital medium.

The contents tend to provide you with a surplus of information and they tend to be a  lot more personal as opposed to typical news outlets and other such as reports E-books are extremely popular nowadays, at the point of which most people would rather own books in electronic form than in physical form.

The reason behind this is the fact that they are easier to take care of, easier to access since you can just put them on your phone or laptop and you won’t need to carry around a 1000 words book that will just prove to be a huge inconvenience as time moves on.

This is a good example of a type of product that used to be a physical product but with the passing of time it eventually changed to being a digital product because it was a lot more convenient that way.



Videos are definitely one of the best digital products that you can use to make a profit out of nowadays If you do actually wish to get into this line of business then really all you need to do is you need to start creating videos like tutorials, courses, etc. and post them on platforms like Udemy, Clickbank or free ones, like Youtube.

You just make an account on Youtube and then start being creative and entertaining. The more people you have watching your content the more money you make and so on and so forth.

A lot of people tend to believe that making money off of Youtube is not a real job but the majority will have to disagree because it is not only just a job, it is also one of the best paid jobs for a young entrepreneur out there.

You can make millions every month by simply providing your fans with witty and relatable videos and that’s about the end of that. The revenue will continue to come even if you stop uploading too so it’s not 100% based around whenever you upload a new video.

There are plenty of  Youtubers that only upload once every a couple of months   but every time they do post they are treated with over a couple of million views which generates quite a lot of revenue.

Overall, Youtube really is one of the best sources of income nowadays, alongside being literally every young entrepreneur’s dream job.

Audio and music in general can help you distinguish yourself from the common crowd because of how much personality you can put into them in the first place.

Unlike with most any other mediums out there, you can actually develop a clear style of your own without even wanting to with audio and music products.

f you’re the type of a person that usually puts a lot of time and effort into something then this will clearly show when you’re making a really good beat but if you’re the type of a person to try to get through it as fast as you can then that will also show.

It’s quite a big gamble though, since there are so many varieties of songs out there that you’ll always be competing with everyone at every moment in time, but alas, if you do make it then you’re set for life, and that’s a fact.

Video Games:

Video Games tend to be extremely good ways to make money nowadays even if you don’t have the biggest budget for your project. We live in a time where a small time indie producer’s game can make just as much as a AAA title so it is the perfect time to get into the indie world of gaming.

All that you really need is to make sure that you’ve got the creativity on set and you’ll be making a profit in no time. Professional courses such as translations, coaches, consultants, web designers, copyrighters, etc will always be wanted when  you’re looking for digital products.

Just like with e-books, this medium tends to become more and more popular with time, completely replacing the mere idea of physical translations, coaches and all the other ones we mentioned above.

The reason is also quite similar too, it’s just way more convenient to have a person translate your items over the internet than to have that same person do it for you and then hand it to you personally.

This is all thanks to the advancements of technology, which we can all agree on that it’s given us a lot more opportunities with each passing day.

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