YouTube and Why We Should Use It


In this article we will explain some of the basic items you need to understand when using YouTube. The benefits of using YouTube include having your videos load faster for your viewers and getting Google love. If you host your own videos you could lose visitors due to slow loading times.

Let’s look at some YouTube basics:

What is a Playlist? A playlist is a list of all of your videos in certain categories. They can also be a list of all the videos that you like. For example you can create a playlist of your favorite bands. Or a list for all your marketing videos.
How to Create Your Playlist? This is very easy to do. Log into your account and find a video you want to add to your list. Click the Add To button and either select a current Playlist or create a new one.

How to Upload Your Videos to YouTube?

You will need to log in to your account. Once you are logged in on the top right hand corner you will see a button that says “Upload” click on that to start the process.
Once you have uploaded your video you have to assign a privacy setting to it. These are as follows:
Public – this means that your video will also be displayed on your Google+ page and anyone can view this video. If you want to get ranked in the search engines then use this setting.
Private – You select people that can view your video. This is perfect if you have a family video or a private training that you don’t want people to find.
Unlisted – this means that only people who have the actual link can view the video.

What is the Video Manager?

This is the area where you can change all of your video settings. You can change your privacy settings, your description, add tags and images and select or add a custom thumbnail.

What is Video Quality?

This refers to the resolution of your video. When you upload your video to YouTube they automatically select, what they think, is the best resolution for you. For best performance and loading it is best not to change these settings.
How to Share Your Video on Facebook? This is actually very easy to do. You can either use the link under “Share” from YouTube. Or you can click the Photo/Video tab on your Facebook page and share your video there.
Now that you understand the basics of YouTube you can easily start creating and uploading your videos.

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