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www.mike-hynes.comWell, we have come to the final blog post  in the Introduction to  Niche Marketing   series of posts,  I hope that you have found these post  helpful, informative and that you now have a better understanding of how niche marketing works and how you can use it for your own business. . Today we are going to jump right in and talk about one more way that you can hunt down a profitable niche, find out what they want and then give it to them.

As we have discussed before, finding out the needs of your specific niche market group is an essential part of your niche marketing plan. Looking for problems to solve in any given market can be tedious and time consuming, but there is a simple way that you can conduct your research and that is by visiting online forums where your target group hangs out.

Niche marketing at its best helps to solve real problems that real people live with everyday. If you can come up with a product or service to promote in a niche market that will help people solve their problems then you can be fairly sure that you have a money making niche market to focus your efforts on.

The things that people view as ‘problems’ in their own lives open an endless supply of possibilities for the savvy niche marketer. They can range from how to get rid of hang nails, improving a golf swing to more serious things like a chronic illnesses like diabetes. These are real people problems that they are constantly looking for help to solve.

A good way to find out what people consider a problem is to visit online forums related to your topic. There you will find people talking about anything and everything related to their problems. They discuss subjects online that they wouldn’t even talk about with their best friends for the simple reason that they can remain anonymous.

They look for solutions online for the very same reason. By visiting forums and taking note of what people are most concerned about you can search the Internet for products and services that will help themsolve those problems.

Gather all of the information that you can about the topic. Write, have written or purchase content and articles about that topic that you can use to build a content-rich website for the niche market group that helps them to understand and solve the problems that you have identified. This will not only help you generate leads that you can promote products and services to, it will help you become a respected and trusted market leader that people will have no problem purchasing products from.

Another great way to use forums to help you build a good niche market business is to join forums related to your topic, identify the problems being most often discussed, post a question that will produce a lot of responses and use those responses to write an ebook or report on the topic. This works very well because the simple fact is that many people would rather buy an Ebook or report that is filled with information they can easily find on their own, rather than actually gathering it for themselves.

One more tip: They will also gladly purchase Ebooks and reports with stories and case studies that tell them how other people with the same problem cope with, handle or solve that problem. The simple fact is that a niche marketing campaign doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. It just needs to be designed to meet the unique needs of the targeted audience. To become a successful niche marketer you must learn to tailor your products and your marketing campaigns to meet those unique needs.

Before we come to the end of this last post on this subject, let me give you one finale example. Let’s say that you have a great Ebook to promote, that will explain how to start and run a successful online business.  Who will your target niche group be? Here is a clue; “it’s not everyone!”

The answer to that question is based on basic research. You can begin your research by typing in the words “online business” in to your favorites search engine and taking a look at the top ten sites for that keyword.

Now go to the Google keyword tool:

You will find a box where you can search by website.  Take a look at what keywords some of the top ten sites are using to reach their customers. This will give you a good idea of who your target market (niche group) is. In this case it is people who are looking to make money online, make money from home or searching for business opportunities.

With this information you can then begin to narrow down your target even more by digging deeper and using the information that you learned from this short course to find out where your niche group hangs out online, what type of products that they like to purchase and most of all what problems they are having, so that you can be the one to help them solve them.

Armed with this information you can focus your energies and create an effective marketing strategy that will help you to reach them and communicate your message to them in a way that they will understand and appreciate.

One of the things that make niche marketing so attractive is that it costs far less to advertise to a specialized niche market than it does to advertise to a broader undefined market. The simple fact is that niche marketing is a very effective and cost efficient way to advertise your business, reach more prospects and sell more products and/or services to people who really want what you have to offer. It only makes sense!

I sincerely hope that you have learned a lot from the Introduction  To Niche Marketing  series of posts and that you now have a basic understanding of how niche marketing works and how you can use it to make your business more successful and

If by any chance you choose Video Marketing as your niche, why not have a look at my Ebook,  The Video Masterplan.  It is a pretty comprehensive guide on how to get started with your chosen niche.  Here is the link again >>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> The Video Masterplan.


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