Why Short Videos Are Better – Part 1

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Welcome to my first post in a series of several  on the benefit of using short videos in your marketing strategies.  Over the next few posts, you will receive several lessons that will help you learn the value of using micro (short) videos to build your business and increase your profits.

In this first post, I am are going to talk a little bit about the importance and benefits of using video in your business.

If you’ve never used video as a promotional method for your business, you’re missing out on an excellent way to boost awareness and profits. Videos are a great message vehicle for any type of business.

While information on the internet will always be associated with the text, online marketing has grown to a point where videos are almost expected from consumers which makes it a practical, and a profitable, marketing option.

If you’re not using videos for your business, chances are you’re leaving cash on the table. Incorporating short videos in your business will allow you to reach a larger share of your marketplace. They can also help you attract more attention and leads which ultimately means more sales.

Why do I say, “Use micro (short) videos”?

If you look at some of the most watched videos online, videos that go viral and get thousands of views, you’ll find that nearly all of them are shorter than five minutes. There is a reason that short videos are more popular than the long ones and that reason is rooted in basic human psychology.

You see, short videos require a smaller commitment from the viewer. A three-minute video gives the impression that it is easier to watch than a ten-minute video and if you don’t think that people look at the length of your video before they click play you’re wrong!

Fact:  A person is much more likely to watch several short videos in a row than they are to commit to one long video even if the information is the same and they often spend a lot more time watching a bunch of little videos than if they would have opted for one long video instead.

That reason alone is why 2-minute Facebook videos, 6-second vines and 15-second instavids on Instagram are so wildly popular.

While video marketing has been around for a while, the micro video trend is just getting started and I can almost guarantee that it will explode in the very near future. There has never been a better time to take advantage of everything these short little videos can do for your business.

Here is one example of how you can use micro videos in your business:

– An about us video

Many internet marketing experts agree that the ‘About Us’ page is the second most viewed page of almost every website and by adding a short video introducing yourself, sharing your story and telling visitors what your site has to offer you can quickly set yourself apart from your competition and inspire a feeling of trust and reliability.

Know, like and trust is the name game when it comes to get people to do business with you because they like knowing that you are a real person.

Once they realize that there is actually a person behind the website instead of a big corporation who only thinks of them as a number they will become more open to what you have to offer and the chances of them taking action whether it’s by subscribing to your email list or making a purchase increases substantially.

It can help you build a strong rapport with your customers. This can lead to more interaction and engagement in terms of comments, likes and shares, which encourages even more comments and activity on site. which in turn leads to better search engine rankings all around.

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