5 Simple Tools to Use for Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

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Just a quick article on You Tube Marketing. Have been working on something connected with You Tube for release later this year and I wanted to illustrate a few important points about You Tube and it’s benefits for you.   Would love to hear your views on my musings – just a brief message will do.

Main Point: YouTube has great marketing features built into its site, making it an extremely effective tool for spreading the word about your business.


There are numerous video sharing platforms available to you online these days. However, YouTube is still number one, mainly because it has the largest community. YouTube also offers a number of robust and easy to use marketing tools right on its website, making it easy for businesses to promote their brands and spread their message online. Here is an overview of tools you can use to enhance your YouTube marketing strategy:

Video Analytics

YouTube allows you to look at video analytics online or download enhanced reports that can be easily read on Excel. You can view data for certain reporting dates, world views from YouTube Insight, world referrers, and video demographics. It is easy to determine the age group, gender, location, and popularity of a specific video with this data. The best part of all is that all this important information is available for free!


Tagging is essential for search engine optimization. You should carefully consider the tags you want to use for each video so that web surfers can easily find your content if it is relevant to their search terms. A great tagging technique is to search for videos that match the same subject matter as the video you want to create. Look at the tags those videos use so that you can mimic their success. Using keywords in your title is also very important for search engine optimization. When you upload videos to YouTube it automatically suggests potential keywords you can use as tags.

Share Button

Always encourage viewers to share your videos. YouTube has a sharing option for embedding videos, tweeting, sharing on Facebook, or simply e-mailing the link. Gmail users can even play YouTube videos right inside their e-mail. The Google Plus link allows you to watch videos with friends by using the hangout feature as well.

Pay to Promote Your Video

Google has established itself as one of the top online advertising platforms and has integrated its marketing platform with YouTube as well. You can pay to promote your videos to your target audience within YouTube, and your video will then be featured near related videos. This is a great way to catch the eye of potential customers who might be interested in your service or product. Be sure to use attention-grabbing titles on your videos to attract the interest of potential customers.

YouTube alone can greatly influence the success of your social media marketing campaign; however it also works well with Facebook and Twitter.  With the many great tools offered, if you aren’t using YouTube as part of your marketing, you are missing out on an incredibly way to attract new customers.


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