Why You Should Use Video For Online Marketing

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www.mike-hynes.comVideo marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies that every online business owner should use. This is because; many people are more oriented to the visual content than anything else. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should consider using videos for online marketing.

Attracts customers’ attention

Video  grabs the customers’ attention more than anything else and this is
where they spend most of their time online. YouTube alone is currently
the 2nd largest search engine after Google. Approximately, 78% of people
watch videos and that is why marketing your content through videos is
the best way to do your marketing.

It is search engine friendly

Videos are ranked high in the Google search results and this is mainly
because it is the 2nd largest search engine. They enable you to reach
millions of people who may be your potential customers. Consumers will
easily find you (your services and products) and this will definitely
market your business.

Communicate clearly

Videos are very clear when conveying the massage. They enable you to
convey both personality and emotion. This is where you can connect
directly with the viewer/customer and let them feel a more personal
connection with you. This therefore is a very important way to market
your business.

The social media effect

Sharing videos is easy and this is what increases your chances of
exposure. If you want to reach millions of people, then videos are the
way to go. This is because videos can easily be shared through social
media (e.g. face book, twitter, etc). The many times your videos are
shared, the more exposure you get hence the success in your marketing.

Videos are inspirational, entertaining and entertaining

Videos are very educative in that, you can simply spend only two minutes
watching a video that will educate you on everything you need to know
about the product you plan to purchase. Videos are also very
entertaining and at the same time inspirational. This is what will keep
the viewers/consumers glued to your site and hence buy your products.

Personalized experience with the customer

Videos are very interactive and viewers/customers like to comment on
them. When you post a video of your products or services on YouTube and
the viewers comment, you get to understand them better and know what
they want. This will help you do some little changers so that you can
improve your business.

Videos also enable you to provide guidance to your customers through all
the sections of your website. The customers will feel as if they are
visiting an actual store and this will obviously boost your business.

Help you to increases your sales

Videos are very useful in increasing your sales. This is because; it
gives the customers a chance to almost have a real life experience with
the product/service you are offering. The customer has the ability to
see exactly how that item looks like together with its reviews and this
is very helpful in increasing sales.

Increases traffic to your sitewww.mike-hynes.com

As mentioned earlier, videos  are ranked at the top on the search engine and this is almost a direct way of making customers visit your site. The first thing that someone would like to know when searching for a product is how that product looks like. Where else can they see this aside from the YouTube? This therefore increases the number of people visiting your site and in return you get a chance to market yourself well.

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