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www.mike-hynes.comMany of you may be already using   Facebook   as part of your Marketing strategy,  but for those of you who are not,  you are missing out on some great targeted traffic. Here are some helpful hints in utilising Facebook traffic. Read on.

Great – you have created a Facebook page but now it seems like after your closest friends have liked the page, you hardly see any new likes. You may already know that increasing your likes is key to increasing your traffic and ultimately increasing your revenue. Let’s look at some top tips to increase your Facebook page likes.

Like Button on Your Website
The first thing to do is install a like button on each page of your website. This will send traffic to your Facebook page, which helps you convert visitors to fans.

Suggest Your Facebook Page to Friends
You may have already invited some of your friends, but why not invite them all. You’ll see in the drop down menu the opportunity to “suggest to friends.” When you choose this option, a list of your friends that have not been invited appears – click away.

Connect Your Facebook Page to Your Twitter Account
All of your Facebook page posts will be sent to Twitter when you use this functionality. By doing this you can easily convert your Twitter followers to Facebook page fans, because you have created interest.

Promote Your Facebook Page in Your Newsletter
If you use email marketing, you can include a message to let your subscribers know about your Facebook page. Include a link to make it easy for them to arrive at your page.

Promote Your Facebook Page on Your Business Cards
Include a link on your business cards that links to your Facebook Page. Business cards target an entirely different market than your online contacts. Take advantage of it.

This is an online market where services are for sale for $5. Have a look at the advertising section and their social marketing section. You’ll find some who will suggest your Facebook page to 5000 of their own friends for just $5. You will have to ad them as an admin to do this. You can almost instantly pick up hundreds of fans.

Create a Static Landing Page with
Create a customized landing tab for your landing page. Visitors will have to click like to move further into the page. This is a solid method of increasing visitors to likes/fans, so be sure to take advantage of what it can offer.

From Your Personal Profile Link to Your Facebook Page
At the bottom of your personal profile, you are able to add links to any websites you are affiliated with. The more links that you create going to your  Facebook   page the more traffic you will send that way, and the more fans you will acquire.  Yes, it is that simple.

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