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Video Marketing is a very powerful marketing platform for increasing leads and sales.
Video  is the only medium that communicates emotion. Therefore, it gives you the ability to leverage on the enthusiasm of your customers and staff as no other form of marketing is better at capturing attention than video.

It also introduces your company or business in a very irresistibly entertaining and compelling way. While it takes many touch points before one can achieve a sale, video marketing works to reduce the hustle and bustle of marketing, increasing conversions and sales at much reduced costs.

Videos build very engaging and memorable connections to your business or company brand. Research shows that video messaging is several hundred times more engaging that plain text only.

It is proposed that companies can offer both video and text for the targeted audience to decide which suits them best. However, for High Return on Investment businesses, video is the preferable way to go.

This is because people prefer to watch rather than read long prose. With video, you can turn your static text sales pages to engaging pieces of video content. Some decent video marketing software can easily catapult your business to the next level.

Today, the marketing environment involves more data than ever, more computer
power than ever before, more round the clock connectivity and less staff. The
traditional ad banners have lost their steam and can easily burn a hole in one’s advertising budget.

Although they are still effective, Ad banners have really lost their popularity. Nowadays, they hardly come free, just like advertising on other websites.

Here below are some vital video support power tools.


Ever thought of PowerPoint as a very powerful video marketing tool? Here, all you need is to bring your ideas and creativity on board. Infuse them with your
PowerPoint skills and you could be on your way to great success in marketing.

Not proficient in PowerPoint, don’t worry, relax. Just enroll for a short course or equip yourself with training materials in PowerPoint. Your efforts to learn and understand it are not in vain. They will surely pay dividends.


Another great tool worth giving a thought is Camtasia. It produces exceptional video editing results. You can upload a video into the software and then trim it, add titles, effects and sounds. You may also record the activity on the screen of your computer if you so wish.

If you wish to add a voice to your video, and it is quite indispensable to do so, you will need to get a high quality microphone. Most people prefer connecting a voice speaking the text on the screen with the action(s) in your video.


YouTube  is all about viewing, uploading and sharing videos.

This is the best video hosting place. Remember that after creating your video, you will need somewhere to host it. Being the second most popular search engine, millions of people who visit it are likely to see your video.

If you add your website to your YouTube video, many people are likely to see, click and visit your site, leading to higher conversions for you.

Another advantage of using YouTube is that it is free. This helps to keep your advertising costs low. The fact that Google owns YouTube gives you a very valuable backlink. There are many other sites, apart from YouTube, where you can upload your video.


This is a tool that enables you to upload a video to multiple sites. It is a paid for service that comes with a free trial.

Other Video marketing tools include Book marking and Tube Mogul. Although it is free, Commercial content is prohibited in videos uploaded onto Tube Mogul. Some Bookmarking sites include Delicious, Reddit and Digg. You may also check out Stumble Upon.

These and many other video sales and marketing power tools are becoming more and more indispensable in the current digital world business dispensation. Ignore them at your own peril. If you do, you lose out on the following benefits.

Predictable questions can be answered through video, reducing the cost of sale. You also build or increase credibility and trust through well done powerful and professional videos.

Internal self serve videos help the sales staff to be more effective. It must also be mentioned that the use of video shortens the sales cycle and turns marketing into hugely useful information that creates long term trust and kinship.

The notion that video marketing is only for established businesses and companies is a fallacy. All you have to do is start where you are with what you have.

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