Why We All Need A Mentor

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Hi All,

Just a quick post on what I have been up to recently. Everybody just starting out on the Internet Marketing road needs a Mentor.  My Mentor is a guy called John Thornhill.  John has been coaching for a number of years now and I have personally bought several of his courses and he always over delivers.

I have now joined his Partnership To Success”  program. This is a 12 month course and although I’m only a few weeks into it, I have learned a lot.   I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Anybody who is serious about making a living online should take a serous look at John’s program.

Internet marketing is a business that has grown immensely over the past recent years and a lot of people are considering it today. The only unfortunate thing about taking up internet marketing is that it does not have the any extensive documentation or theories that can be used to build up a business and improve its revenue. That is why having a mentor for internet marketing is taking a step in the right direction. Here are the benefits of having a mentor;

Having an internet marketing coach will be very beneficial as the coach is able to share their experience with you, this helps by providing a basic understanding on how online marketing works.

Internet marketing can be very involving and tasking if one does not have the right systems to work with, but when one has a mentor they do have access to systems and techniques that will help them maneuver obstacles that concern online marketing. This is because the mentor has already used and tested out these systems and they have produced positive results.

Having a  Mentor  to guide you through the minefield of internet marketing is very economical, compared to the financial input that will be required when going it alone. . The experience and knowledge gained from a mentor is priceless. Costly mistakes in both time and money can be avoided.  Lost time is very difficult to regain.

See you next time.


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